Epoch Island DAO governance is controlled by vEPOCH holders with snapshot voting and oSnap integration into the Epoch DAO multisig.

Snapshot proposals currently require:

  • 30,000,000+ vEPOCH held by any address can create a new proposal

  • 56,600,207 minimum vEPOCH votes to reach quorum

  • 6 days voting period for all proposals

  • 1 day dispute period with UMA oracle after voting period ends

Governance Levers

vEPOCH holders have control to vote on and manage the following:

  1. Managing the Epoch DAO Treasury: 0x6D78A40775e06D1037E855e52Ccb2Fb5762aD3Db

    • transferring tokens from the Treasury to another address

  2. EPOCH token contract: 0x97d0cfeb4fde54b430307c9482d6f79c761fe9b6 is an ERC20 token.

    • mint: creates more tokens out of thin air, up to the mint cap limit

  3. vEPOCH contract: 0x731a2572b1cf56cfb804c74555715c8c8b5e980b

  4. ITO contract on multiple networks, using Mainnet contract for reference: 0x44de78eb54ee54c4151e62834d3b5a29005bde98

    • setProtocolFee: sets the fee that takers pay for all positions future interactions

  5. Elders contract: 0xe1de7e2b7fd67f540878902f5e406705947a642f

    • safeMint: create a new Elder NFT, assign metadata of image url, and send to recipient address

    • burn: destroy the Elder NFT, removing it from the recipient address

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