EPOCH-LP (80/20)

The EPOCH-LP is a balancer weighted pool that is 80% EPOCH and 20% WETH tokens, commonly referred to as a 80/20 pool.

The pool's token contract 0x82b8c7c6fb62d09cfd004309c1f353fb1a926edc went live on Nov 16th 2023, deployed by the EPOCH DAO per a snapshot proposal.

EPOCH-LP Balancer Pool

You can view the statistics of volume, TVL, fees, and more, by visiting the Balancer website's EPOCH/WETH Balancer Pool.

Add or Remove Liquidity

You can Add liquidity or Remove liquidity from the balancer pool website or from the Epoch Dapp.

Any time you successfully add liquidity, "EPOCH-LP" tokens will be minted and deposited into your wallet. These tokens must be in your wallet to remove liquidity. Transferring these tokens to another wallet will allow that wallet to remove liquidity instead. When removing liquidity, these tokens will be burned.

Balancer allows adding single sided or any proportional amount of liquidity to any weighted pool. This means you can add only EPOCH or only WETH or both EPOCH and WETH.

Balancer allows removing any amount of tokens when removing liquidity. This means you can remove only EPOCH or only WETH or both EPOCH and WETH when removing liquidity.

Note that adding only EPOCH and removing only WETH will not bypass the swap fees.

Swap Fee

The swap fee is currently set to 5%.

This fee percentage is controlled by Epoch DAO governance.

Balancer protocol governance is currently set that 50% of all swap fees go to the Balancer Treasury. Therefore the other half of the 5% fee, or 2.5% of the total swap amount, goes to EPOCH/WETH Liquidity Providers.

Benefits of 80/20 over 50/50

You may be more familiar with Uniswap's 50/50 liquidity pools and unfamiliar with Balancer's 80/20 pools. Some of the benefits of 80% EPOCH in a weighted pool are:

  • Less impermanent loss for EPOCH token holders who choose to become LPs.

  • Less ETH required to add liquidity of proportional values: EPOCH token holders don't need as much capital to add liquidity, allowing much more total liquidity to be added when the project started.

  • Cheaper for buyers to enter with less slippage when compared to a 50/50 pool of similar TVL due to the token being purchased is 80% of the pool instead of 50%.

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